Jørgen Jæger

The Chameleons

Sheriff Ole Vik and his budding love Hilde Ramnes is on their way to the airport, for their first vacation together. But they haven’t driven further than the neighbouring town when they suddenly get in the midst of an ongoing bank robbery.
Everything's going wrong. The robber forces Hilde away from the crime scene. There is complete confusion, and valuable time is lost before the police discover this kidnapping. The city is turned upside down in a frantic search to find Hilde, but in vain.
A wave of bank robberies swifts through the district. Two people are brutally killed during these robberies, and the hunt for the robbers intensifies.
At the same time, Ole struggles with his employees. He no longer knows which of his colleagues he can trust. And behind the scenes sits a cynical figure pulling the strings — a true chameleon.

Chasing Shadows is the second book about Sheriff Ole Vik.

Jørgen Jæger

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John Andresen

Jørgen Jæger sold one book every forth minute last year,
making him one of Norway's most sold crime authors. His
books are sold to several countries: Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Russia, Finland and Spain. He has also been nominated to the prestigious Norwegian Bookseller award four times.

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