Niels Chr. Geelmuyden
Secrets of the Art of Writing

How do you go about becoming a good writer? This critically acclaimed, award-winning author shares his best tips on how to write lively texts, including checklists and common pitfalls. The book is written in a personal style, and bubbles with narrative joy and smart tips, offering plentiful example texts from participants on writing courses, from Geelmuyden’s roughly 40 publications and from other established writers.

Niels Chr. Geelmuyden

Niels Chr. Geelmuyden
Astrid Hexeberg

Niels Chr. Geelmuyden (b.1960) is a writer and journalist, who has become well known, in particular for his interview portraits for the magazines Kapital and Henne. He writes think-pieces for the radio and columns for publications ranging from the in-flight SAS magazine to newspapers such as Bergens Tidende. With his critical books about the food industry he has reached a wide audience and really put the topic to debate.

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