Bjørn Sortland and Ketil Selnes (ill.)
Johnny 777 Mission 1: Rio De Janeiro

The coolest series of the year! Jørn Lier Horst meets Dav Pilkey and James Bond!
Jon lives in Indre Gnurtedal, an isolated place without internet, where nothing ever happens. One day a big black car appears. Jon is kidnapped and recruited as a secret agent. He is given the name Johnny 777 and is told that he is going on mad capped missions all over the world together with the amazing and dangerous Ninja Princess.

But why was Johnny 777 selected as an agent? Who is Ninja Princess? And will Johnny survive a dangerous mission in Rio de Janeiro?

Johnny 777 is a new, fully illustrated series packed with humor, action and excitement!

Bjørn Sortland and Ketil Selnes (ill.)

Bjørn Sortland (b. 1968) is educated at The Academy of Writing in Bergen and debuted as a writer in 1992. He has published a number of award-winning books for children, youth and adults. He is known especially for the best-selling series The Art Detectives. Sortland is currently a professor at The Norwegian Institute for Children’s Books.
Ketil Selnes (b. 1974) is educated as a graphic designer from the School for Graphic Design (now Kristiana University College). He also has a bachelor’s degree in illustration from Falmouth College of Arts in Cornwall,
UK. Selnes has illustrated for Aftenposten Junior and illustrated a number of children’s books.

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