Annette Saugestad Helland
How to tame a cousin?

How do you tame a cousin gone wild?

Jane isn’t allowed to decorate the cake with her big sisters. She’s too small, they say – but soon her cousin is coming to visit and then at last she’ll have someone to play with. But what has happened to her cute little cousin? He’s gone completely wild!
How to tame a cousin? is a playful picture book, rich in colour.

Annette Saugestad Helland

Annette Saugestad Helland
Mikrofilm/Felix features

Annette Saugestad Helland (born 1975) is a visual artist, illustrator and animator. She was trained at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design and Konstfack in Stockholm. She has made a number of animated films and has worked in the animation industry for many years. Helland pursued Author Studies at the Norwegian Institute of Children’s Books, and has published several books for children.

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