Linka Neumann

Wilderness Sweaters 2
For Adventurers of all Ages

Wilderness Sweaters was last year's huge knitting success in Norway and went
straight to the top of the bestseller list. It will soon be published in Germany,
Russia, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.
Outdoor life has always been a big part of knitting designer Linka Neuman’s life, and she is dedicated to knit sweaters that not only look tough, but also withstand rough weather. She is inspired by people who have a different lifestyle and dare to invest in what they believe in. Her wilderness sweaters have joined adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts on strenuous trips in forests and mountains – and on expeditions to Canada and Mount Everest.
In this new book she shares recipes for sweaters with genuine and distinctive patterns inspired by indigenous people and by nature. The new recipes include new sweaters as well as mittens and hats for outdoorsy wilderness children and adults who enjoy being out in all kinds of weather.

Linka Neumann

Portrett linka, kred.@stineogjarlen
Stine og Jarlen

Linka Neuman (b. 1990) knits and designs under the name @valleyknits. She has more than 60 000 followers on Instagram spread around the world. Her first book
Wilderness Sweaters is so far sold to 6 countries, and was last years best selling knitting book in Norway.

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