Jørgen Jæger

Jørgen Jæger is one of Norway's best-selling crime writers. Heartless went
straight to the top of the Bestseller list when published. His latest book, The
Judas Fix
, was the third best-selling Norwegian crime novel in 2019, and he has
sold more than 750 000 books in Norway.
A murder shakes the small town of Fjellberghavn. Everything suggests a family tragedy. Then another murder happens, and then another. All tracks lead to two different perpetrators, but is it that simple? Police station chief Cecilie Hopen gets no easy task when her apparently obvious solution may not be so obvious as it seemed.
Marte Mellingen's body rejects the heart pump she uses in anticipation of a heart
transplant, and she is on the verge of dying in the donor queue. While Ole Vik is
desperately looking for a way to save his beloved's life, he gets an offer that he accepts. But something feels wrong. How far is the honorable man Ole Vik willing to go to save the life of the one he loves?
Jittering excitement, personal warmth and human relationships are Jørgen Jæger's

Jørgen Jæger

Jørgen Jæger
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Jørgen Jæger consolidates his position at the top of the Norwegian Crime Arena. Last year he sold one book every forth minute, making him Norway's third most sold crime author. He also enjoys good sales on his crime series in Sweden. Jæger is highly renowned among Norwegian booksellers, and has been nominated to the prestigious
Norwegian Bookseller award four times.

Rights sold to

Sweden, Lind & Co.

Other titles

Heartless (2020)
The Judas Fix (2019)
The Almighty (2017)
The Concealment (2016)
Monster (2015)
The Knight Cross (2014)
The Voice (2012)
Karma (2010)
Written in Blood (2007)
The Symphony of Death (2005)
The Chameleons (2004)
Chasing Shadows (2003)

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