Tore Linné Eriksen
From the first humans to the 21st century

No continent has been populated by humans as long as Africa has, and in this book we are taken on an exciting journey, stretching from the first hunter-gatherers to the present day. The author presents up-to-date knowledge and new perspectives, highlighting Africa's contribution to our shared global history. The book is richly complemented with pictures and maps, and is aimed at both students and wider audiences.

“(...) a relaxed and unpolemic case for the lack of reasons to cling to Eurosentrism. We all come from Africa, anyways. (…) With his book, [he] has proven that it is wholly possible for a normally interested reader to find a shortcut to everything she did not know she wanted to know about Africa.”

Tore Linné Eriksen

Tore Linné Eriksen
Photo credit: Christian Breidlid

Tore Linné Eriksen is a non-fiction writer, historian and professor emeritus in development studies at Oslo Metropolitan University. He has published several history textbooks and books concerning topics from African history.

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