Randi Fuglehaug
Wing Women

A female skydiving team is doing a formation jump at the opening ceremony of the annual extreme sports festival in the Norwegian town of Voss. Lots of people are awaiting their spectacular landing this sunny afternoon. But in a shocking turn of events, one of the skydivers crashes to the ground right in front of the crowd. Based on examination of the equipment, the police have no doubt: This was no accident. The parachute was tampered with, and the deceased woman was murdered.

Agnes Tveit is on site to cover the opening ceremony for the local newspaper. Agnes, a 39-year-old, junk food-loving, not-always-concerned-about-journalistic-code-of-ethics writer, was born and raised in Voss, but lived in Oslo for almost 20 years. She recently left her job at the national daily VG to move back home, and she is afraid it was all a big mistake. The plan was to bring her boyfriend Fredrik to Voss to settle down and raise a family close to her parents. Problem is, she is not getting pregnant, and the relationship to Fredrik is becoming more strained each day. She lacks any excitement about her new job. That changes drastically after the skydive gone wrong. Agnes Tveit is well familiar with both the murdered woman and the three other members of her skydiving team. For the first time since she moved back to Voss, Agnes´ curiosity awakens. Who wanted to kill Veslemøy Liland – and why? Agnes Tveit soon realizes that answers to the murder mystery might lie somewhere in her own past.

Randi Fuglehaug

Randi Fuglehaug

Randi Fuglehaug is an experienced journalist and editor. She was a US correspondent for Dagbladet in New York and has contributed to several of Norway´s most important newspapers and magazines, as well as working in television and hosting the podcast Fødselspodden. She has authored both literary children’s books and narrative non-fiction. Alt vel med mor og barn — historier om fødsel (Samlaget 2018) is her most recent non-fiction title, and the same year she published her latest children’s book Skalla (Samlaget). She grew up in Voss in Western Norway, but lives in Oslo with her husband and two children.

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