Steffen Kverneland
A Voluntary Death

Kverneland’s deeply personal graphic novel A Voluntary Death (2017) contemplates his father and his father’s suicide, when Kverneland was eighteen, and how this affected his life. In addition to Kverneland’s outstanding art, the book uses family photographs in a dynamic way. The storytelling is immediate and powerful, at times with a liberating humor. The reviews were fantastic, and the book was awarded the 2018 Ministry of Culture’s Prize, and Gold, in "The year’s most beautiful books"«Ein Freitod» was published in German in June 2019 by Avant Verlag. Translated by Ina Kronenberger

"masterpiece ..." a significant triumph "

Leif Ekle, NRK

"It's so wise, so masterfully done ... a deeply shaking work."


"A beautiful, insightful comic book that you should read and use for all it's worth."


Steffen Kverneland

Steffen Kverneland
Hans Erik Lindbom

Steffen Kverneland's (b. 1963) works include awardwinning Olaf G (2004 w. Lars Fiske), and Munch (2013) his acclaimed, awardwinning graphic biography, published in 12 countries. A unique project, told exclusively through quotes by Munch and contemporaries. Munch’s art is incorporated, with samples and quotations expertly executed by Kverneland.

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The Comic of the year-prize, 2018

The 2018 Ministry of Culture’s Prize

Gold in "The year’s most beautiful books"-awards

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