Kristine Lillevik, Guri Neby, Morten Brun (photo)
Food only for you - or for your friends or family

This is a cookbook with recipes just for ONE person. Of course they can be multiplied as few or many times as you like – and is thus perfect for both small and big households. Whenever you are facing a dinner of your own, 1 PORTION inspires you to easily prepare good, tasty, healthy and sometimes not-so-healthy food.

The recipes are categorized into chapters like Retro food, Male- meal, Late Night Snack, Pizza, Greatest hits from Sweden, Eggs, Hangover Aid, Clean Your Cabinet, Happy Endings, banana, Soup, and many more.

With this book eating alone is never a dull affaire. It helps you use the moment to give yourself a treat, the very best – and maybe secret – favorite dish. And if you get unexpected guests or your family suddenly appears – remember it is very easy to multiply.

Kristine Lillevik, Guri Neby, Morten Brun (photo)

Kristine Lillevik, Guri Neby, Morten Brun  (photo)
Morten Brun

Kristine Lillevik, born 1969, is a profiled and merited graphic designer in Oslo .
Guri Neby, born 1969 is a highly merited film producer based in Oslo.
Morten Brun born 1954 is a photographer with long experience with books: life style, cook books , nature and portraits.

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