Sara Margrethe Oskal

tireless words

Simple poems encompassing ambiguity and an unusual depth of meaning. The author experiments with words, and plays with ideas. The author makes use of a modernist idiom and a short form.

Norwegian edition: utrettelige ord.

Nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Prize 2016.

A crisp and precise poetry collection where the reader gains insight into a Sámi life in small glimpses, with concentrated images … a quivering voice tirelessly interweaving threads that reveal what is lost when heavy industry moves in …

Nordic Council

There is nothing blaring here; metaphors and images are used with such care …

Nordnorsk Magasin

Evokes thoughts of resistance and boldness.


Sara Margrethe Oskal

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Sara Margrethe Oskal (b. 1970) debuted as a poet in 2006 with the collection váimmu vuohttume (rock a heart to rest). She was referred to as a new voice in Sámi literature, and conveyed an unadorned truth. Her poems have been translated into French, Breton, Finnish and German. She is also known as an actor, dramatist, theatre director and filmmaker.

Other titles

váimmu vuohttume, poetry, 2006
utrettelige ord, poetry, 2014

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Nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Prize 2016

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