Idun Alma Ramsdal and Nora Brech (ill.)
Imagine being human

Strikingly beautiful and well-illustrated collection
of poems.

Could there be lions in the house? Where does sleep come
from? Does a tree know that it creaks when the wind blows
in its leaves?
Through forty-five poems, Imagine being human depicts a
child’s experiences and reflections from waking up in the
morning until falling asleep at night. This collection of poems
is beautifully illustrated by Nora Brech.

when mom runs

it is possible to keep up with her – at least on a bike


when she sits down on the sofa it is impossible to sit
quite as still

Idun Alma Ramsdal and Nora Brech (ill.)

Idun Alma Ramsdal (b. 1983) often wonders what it is like to
be a human. When she is not reading everything she comes
across about relationships and feelings, she writes. Imagine
being human is her first book.
Nora Brech (b.1988) is an acclaimed picture book author and
illustrator. She has a degree in art drawing. In 2019 she was
nominated for the Norwegian Book Award (Brageprisen).

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