Aina Olsen Midtun
New Knitwear for Your Doll's Wardrobe

Knit beautiful garments for your doll's wardrobe! This book contains 30 designs for creative and playful clothing for your doll, and makes up complete ten outfits. Here you will find elegant coats, lovely skirts, beautiful tops and accessories such as hats and leg warmers, all with lines and cuts recognizable from our own wardrobe. The levels of difficulty are varied so you have the opportunity to learn some new techniques or take away great tips for later projects. This is the sequel to Knit a Doll's Wardrobe that was published in 2014.

Aina Olsen Midtun

Aina Olsen Midtun

Aina Olsen Midtun has a special eye for construction and form that she also brings into knitting. Through her creative work she designs beautiful and timeless garments for dolls based on a sustainable idea of good craftsmanship and thoughtful solutions. She has over 50 years of experience with knitwear and has previously designed unique designs tailored to each customer. She is a passionate knitter who thinks it is important to convey that knitting is not just about following a pattern, but also about being able to create something personal, genuine and beautiful.

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