Ingar Johnsrud
Those Who Follow

What starts off as a simple case of a missing person soon turns into a hunt for a brutal killer in a drama involving the members of a doomsday cult and monstrous experiments in racial purity dating all the way back to World War II. However, the tie to the past is yet to be uncovered when Superintendent Fredrik Beier is called to the scene of a mass murder in the outskirts of Oslo. The victims belonged to the isolationist doomsday cult "the Light of God". Initially, everything seems to point to a religious vendetta, but Fredrik and his new partner Kafa Iqbal are sceptical and soon another line of inquiry emerges. Fredrik suddenly finds himself in the middle of a murder case, hunting not only for a faceless killer, but also for answers as to what lies hidden in the sect leaders' mysterious pasts.

Ingar Johnsrud's debut novel, Those Who Follow, heralds the arrival of a bold and imaginative new voice in Scandinavian crime fiction. Johnsrud demonstrates his skills as a masterful storyteller in this intricately woven and action-packed thriller.

Those Who Follow is the first installment in the series following Fredrik Beier and Kafa Iqbal.

The smartest Scandinavian I’ve read for years.

-Marc Elsberg, author of Blackout

Ingar Johnsrud is the new star of noir.

Corriere della Sera, Italy

Ingar Johnsrud’s [Those Who Follow] is the Millennium trilogy’s true successor.

Il Fatto Quotidiano, Italy

The author has a talent for moving the story along nicely, only to then have it accelerate spectacularly and thrillingly. Two thirds into the novel, Johnsrud ups the ante even more, leaving the reader gasping for air.

Trouw, Netherlands

Ingar Johnsrud

Ingar Johnsrud
Jarli & Jordan

Ingar Johnsrud is a renowned Norwegian journalist at one of Norway's largest media groups. Johnsrud made his literary debut in 2015 with the thriller Those Who Follow, the first installment in a planned trilogy. He has received massive attention for his sharp eye for detail, rich and innovative plotting, and confident prose. Praised by critics as a writer who will keep readers on the edge of their seats, Johnsrud has positioned himself as one of the rising stars on the Scandinavian crime fiction scene. Ingar Johnsrud lives with his wife and three children in Oslo.

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