Lene Ask

Invisible Together

A new book about May and June!

On the first day back at school after the summer holiday, one of the desks in the classroom is empty. Ako has disappeared. It’s hard to look for someone when you’re invisible, but May and June have to try! Can they find him without revealing themselves?
This is the second book in the series about Mysterious May. In Invisible Together, May and June must unravel a great mystery that puts both them and their friendship in danger.

Lene Ask

Bjarte Bjørkum

Lene Ask (b. 1974) is a photographer, illustrator, cartoonist and writer. In addition to writing and illustrating her own books, she has illustrated the popular Wild Wilma books for reading aloud. She was awarded the Sproing Prize for her graphic novel, Hitler, Jesus and Grandad, in 2006.

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