Arne Svingen and Henry Bronken (ill.)
The Boy with the Sausage Skirt

The eighth book in the series

Geir has to look after Tufty, his neighbours’ dog. Geir likes dogs, but isn’t so keen on really big ones, like Tufty. Luckily, Geir has a flute that renders the monster-sized dog obedient. But just as Geir is about to play the flute, Tufty tugs on his lead…

Arne Svingen and Henry Bronken (ill.)

Arne Svingen and Henry Bronken (ill.)

Arne Svingen (b.1967) is one of Norway’s foremost writers for children and young adults.
Henry Bronken (b. 1975) is a Norwegian cartoonist. His first comic strip was published in the Norwegian anthology By the Way in 2001, and he has published several comic books since.

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