Arne Svingen and Eivind Gulliksen (ill.)

Escape to the Deserted House

The second book in the series about agent Elvin Griff!

Secret agent Elvin Griff is on the run with Lydia. The agents who are looking for Elvin could pop up anywhere – and at any time. Lydia and Elvin find ramshackle house where they can hide for the night. But what are those sounds coming from the cellar?
Elvin and Lydia find themselves facing their most dangerous situation yet. They’ll have to reckon with sinister criminals – and they’ll have to do so without revealing who they really are.

Arne Svingen and Eivind Gulliksen (ill.)


Arne Svingen (b. 1967) is one of Norway’s foremost writers for children and young adults. His works range from easy reads for children, to novels for children and young adults.
Eivind Gulliksen (b. 1973) studied journalism at Oslo University College and currently works as an illustrator.

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