Helene Uri
The Silence Afterwards

A scream, a crash – and then the sound of sirens. But whose fault was it, really?

Ada: ‘Nobody knows me. Nobody knows how I’m doing, and nobody knows how I used to be. Which means that I can finally be who I am. The real me.’
Odd-Erik: ‘My voice booms through the room. For a moment everyone’s eyes are on me – I have everyone’s attention. I stand here, moored to the teacher’s desk. I am their captain.’
Ada is a new student in the class, and Odd-Erik is a recently graduated teacher. Both are looking forward to a fresh start and an opportunity to become new, improved versions of themselves. But both have secrets in their pasts – which they’d like to keep hidden.

The Silence After is an exciting story told from two different perspectives. Will they manage to look beyond themselves, and see what’s really going on in the classroom?

Winner of the Riksmål Society’s Children and Youth Book Award for 2019

It’s a well-told and easy-to-read story.


Helene Uri

Helene Uri
Julie Pike

Helene Uri (b. 1964) is an author, linguist, and adjunct professor of creative writing at the Norwegian Institute for Children’s Books. She has written a number of books for children, young adults and adults, and writes both fiction and non-fiction.

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