Gaute Gjøl Dahle and Rune Markhus (ill.)

Ring, ring!

An ebullient, action-packed picture book about looking, looking, looking – and finally finding!

‘Mum is always losing something. That’s why we just call her the Loser. And now her ring is gone – again! It’s lucky that Dad and I are experts at finding things. Dad is the Finder, and not to brag – but I’m his super assistant!’

This story is about the time the Loser lost a special ring and the Finder and his super assistant almost gave up on ever finding it again. Might the ring be gone for good, or has the Loser lost something in an unusually strange way this time? Luckily enough, things turn out the way they always do – the Finder comes out on top to win eternal love!

Packed full of humour and recognisable scenarios for both the child and person reading aloud, this is a picture book that can be read again and again… and again. Illustrated by prize-winning illustrator Rune Markhus, who has previously lent his funny, confident and precise style to publications such as Googolplex, Loose Screw and When Everyone is Sleeping.

Cheerful, creative and stylish.


Gaute Gjøl Dahle and Rune Markhus (ill.)


Gaute Gjøl Dahle (b. 1972) is a copywriter, creator and interior architect. He qualified as a copywriter from Westerdals School of Advertising and holds a bachelor’s degree in furniture and interior architecture from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Ring, Ring! (2019) is his first book.

Rune Markhus (b. 1972) is a sketch artist and illustrator. In 2016 he illustrated the word-free book Loose Screw, aimed at children who ought to be able to read, but who require a reading experience that motivates and inspires them – without excluding them from the literary universe. Together with Magnus Holm, he also created the critically acclaimed book about large numbers, Googolplex (2017).

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