Ane Barmen
Dreams Mean Nothing

Is it possible to start over if you simply move far enough away?

Louise wants to spend the summer in the city. She wants to party and go to concerts. But then she’s thrown out of her room – and when her grandmother also dies, Louise has no choice but to go home. Old friends get in touch, but Louise would rather not meet up with them. She doesn’t want to be reminded of Tormod – and the reason that she moved away.

Debut author Ane Barmen has written a beautiful, poignant and well-observed story of grief, sisterhood and irritating families – and who’s going to get hold of the beer.

Winner of the Brage Prize for best YA book 2019

Nominated for the 2020 Nordic Council Children and Young People’s Literature Prize.

Everything comes to life in the multifaceted and sensual portrayals, whether they make want to you laugh, scream, or cry.

Dag og Tid

A painful, tragic and exacting portrayal of feelings, family and about how frustrating it is to never escape one’s own mind [...] The language flows seamlessly and naturally, the dialogue is believable, and some sentences hit the reader right where it hurts the most.

Ane Barmen’s fine book Dreams Mean Nothing is a substantial debut work.


The book is a feast of emotions to read and, with the Brage Prize in its pocket, will now reach many more readers.


Det er ein gjennomgåande styrke ved romanen at han viser meir enn han fortel og forklarar.


Great debut from Ane Barmen…More books please!


The novel testifies to a great storytelling talent that I can’t wait to read more from.
6 out of 6 stars


The 2019 Brage Prize for best children’s and youth book deservedly went to debutant Ane Barmen. Dreams Mean Nothing is a powerful novel that is just as good for adults as it is for teenagers.


Ane Barmen

Ane Barmen
Olivia Rivedal

Ane Barmen (b. 1984) is trained as an actor and musicologist, and has attended Gyldendal’s Writing Academy. She works as an actor and writer. Dreams Mean Nothing is her first novel.

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