Adam Bjerck

Cooking For One

This is the cookbook for those cooking for one!
Adam Bjerck says that even if you are dining alone, you should dine healthy and well!

This is a must-have cookbook for anyone living alone, with recipes for one protion of food. It focuses on fast - and not to expensive - courses that make the cookbook perfect for busy everyday life. The practical week menus make it easy to plan and shop, and make sure that you do not end up with unused ingredients in the fridge. The recipes can of course be doubled - for couples or that extra guest.

Adam Bjerck is a renowned chef, part of the Norwegian National Team of chefs, and the mastermind behind the business Adams Matkasse.

This book has a great concept: Recipes for dinners for one person, along with a shopping list for the whole week... All of the dishes seem feasible to make, you’ll want to cook for yourself, and it’s easy to follow the recipes. This book hits the nail on the head with its concept!

VG, 6/6

Adam Bjerck

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Photo Credit: Christoffer Meyer, KIND

Adam Bjerck is one of Norway's renowned young chefs and has participated on the Kokkelandslaget team. He is one of the founders of the very successful Adam's Mealbox.

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