Øyvind Ravna
From Little Bighorn to Standing Rock
A modern story of indigenous people

A fully illustrated book that deals with the past and pre¬sent of Indigenous People on the Plains. The main focus of the book is the Lakota. The reason for this choice is not only that they fought longest and hard¬est for their land, or that they still fight, but also since they have a dramatic his-tory suitable for illustrating vio¬lation of treaties, land rob¬bery, assimilation and assaults to which Indige¬nous Americans have been ex¬posed during the past 500 years. The book includes an analysis of the legal and political consequences of that story.

Øyvind Ravna

Øyvind Ravna
Zoia Vylka Ravna

Øyvind Ravna is a Professor of Law at the University of Tromsø, Norway, and an author of several books and numerous articles, mainly within the fields of Indigenous people’s law, human rights law, property law, land consolidation, legal history.

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