Øistein Borge
What Never Dies

Second book about Bogart Bull:

Bogart Bull, the crime investigator that we first met in Øistein Borge´s critically acclaimed debut The Seventh Demon, is this time in Northern Irland.

Shifting between two different timelines in the past and present, we follow Bull as he is hunting the guilty from Belfast to the island Rathlin in the north and all the way south to Armagh, known as the bandit country.

Øistein Borge

Øistein Borge
Photo: Gabriel Ramon

Øistein Borge (b. 1958) has a background in film and advertising, where he has worked as a director, text writer and creative leader. In 2016 he made his crime debut with the first book about Bogart Bull - The Seventh Demon. Both this book and its follow up What Never Dies were well-received by Norwegian critics, and he was nominated for the Mauritz Hansen Prize in 2017. Both of the books have been sold to successful German publisher Droemer-Knaur.

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