Isabelle Schjelderup
Yoga Through Play

This book is an introduction to Yoga through play. Simple instructions and pictures of children doing the yoga exercises describe how you do it. The different exercises follow the seasons and can be practiced both indoors and outdoors.

The book provides the children with tools that will improve their balance in body, soul and mind. Yoga for Children is a way for children to feel that they master life and connect with their own body.

This is a book for teachers or employees who work in kindergarten or lower grade schools; those who work with arranging activities for children or parents who want to try the exercises on their own with their children.

Isabelle Schjelderup

Isabelle Schjelderup
Photo Credit: Yvette Jansen Rudlang

Isabelle Schjelderup is a mother of 4 children. She is a trained social worker, with post education in ambulant and crisis resolution. She is a yoga teacher with extra weight on yoga for children. She is also educated as a holistic therapist, in pedagogical mindfulness, among side several alternative and complementary treatment forms.

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