Maren Uthaug
Once upon a time, there was a Sámi

A next to truthful account about the Sámi's history. The history of the Sámi is a colourful tale. Previously, strangers have written about the Sámi. Now the Sámi themselves write about their country and their history. This book is a contribution in the category of satirical history. Warning: it is an "almost truthful account” about the Sámi history.

Maren Uthaug

Maren Uthaug

Maren Uthaug (1972) is an author, comic book artist and blogger from Kautokeino.
In 1980 she moved to Denmark and took up residence in Copenhagen. She published many different satire comic books about the Sámi culture and draws comics about the current politics. She also writes novels.

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Bibliography with ČálliidLágádus:

Det er gøy å være same (2010)
Same Shit (2011)
Mens vi venter på solen (2012)
Det var en gang en same (2015)

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