Jon Anders Halvorsen
The Skin. A Life Story

The skin is the body’s largest organ. It is also one of the most fascinating. It protects us against infections, shapes our identity and gives us sensual stimulations. In THE SKIN. A LIFE STORY the well-known dermatologist Jon Anders Halvorsen takes us on an exciting journey through the entire life cycle of the body’s largest organ. The story begins with the life of a fetus and then birth and childhood, before Halvorsen guides us through the beauty and acne of youth, the wrinkles of middle-age and the consequences of excessive sunbathing. The story ends with old age and finally the dissection hall.

A blend of popular science, patient journals and practical advice SKIN. A LIFE STORY resembles in its form other medical best sellers. This is a book for those who are curious about one of our most important organs, and who want to know more about how to keep the skin healthy throughout a long life.

Chapters: 1. The Fetus: The skin begins. 2. Baby Steps: Your skin's first breath. 3. Childhood: The Skin meets the world. 4. The Youth: The glands are around us. 5. Young Adult: The golden age og skin. 6. Maturity: Here come the wrinkles. 7: Middle Age: The sun has burnt its mark. 8: The Third Age: The fall of the skin. 9: Old Age: The final barrier. 10: Death: The last layer.

Jon Anders Halvorsen

Jon Anders Halvorsen

M.D., PhD, associate professor in Dermatology, University of Oslo.

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