Fedon Lindberg
Food for the Heart
Let food be your medicine.

Your guide to a healthier heart.

* 9 steps to a healthier heart
* reduce your cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
* 100 recipes with heart-healthy foods

Food for the heart is a guide for those who wish to prevent heart disease, need to reduce cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels, fight chronic infections or have cardiovascular disorders.

* Strengthen or repair your most important organ and stay healthy and vital with the world’s healthiest diet: Mediterranean Cooking.
* Learn more about cholesterol’s role, and how you can keep your arteries open and flexible.
* Select among 100 heart-healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, evening snack, beverages, sauces, desserts and cakes.
* Food for the Heart serves up wonderfully tasty dishes and many healthy advantages.

Fedon Lindberg

Fedon Lindberg

Dr. Fedon Alexander Lindberg was born in Greece where he learned to appreciate the good things in life. A genetic propensity to diabetes in his family led him to become a specialist in internal medicine and endocrine disorders. Today he runs a hugely successful clinic in Oslo offering patients multidisciplinary treatment for these degenerative disorders, how to change their lifestyle so they can control weight and improve overall health and well being.

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