Audun Myskja

The Key to Strength, Health and Happiness

Breathe correctly!
Breathing is underestimated, by both doctors and among people in general. In this book Doctor Audun Myskja writes about how breathing can be used to get the body and mind into a good, positive flow.

In your daily life, breathing can help you tackle the unpleasant feeling when you become angry or hurt. Precise breathing methods can make training more effective, deepen relaxation or sharpen concentration. Breathing techniques help reduce stress and fatigue
Breathing can also be used in therapy for those who suffer from anxiety and other psychic issues, with respiratory illnesses or with chronic fatigue. It can show you a way out when your mind and body are stuck in a repetition of bad habits.

With simple techniques you can find a way back to your natural breathing pattern - to the deep, eager, calm and liberating breath of a child.

Audun Myskja

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Audun Myskja is a doctor by profession, but he has always known that medical science cannot explain everything.

He has witnessed many instances that indicate the existence of health-giving powers other than medical ones.

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