Kim Hjardar
The World of the Viking
A unique historical atlas of Viking society and conquests

The Vikings lived in a world completely different from our own, with a distinct culture of honour and a strongly divided society. But they sailed the same fjords as we do. And they cultivated the same land. Understanding the Vikings is understanding our own history – and ourselves.

Through 55 detailed maps combined with text, images and illustrations, the author takes us on a journey to our own past. In addition to martial arts and colonization, the maps also show the Viking trade routes, settlements, natural resources and religious propagation – to highlight the most exciting aspects of the Viking Age. The World of the Viking provides a completely new and easily read introduction to the highlights of this period, perhaps the most exciting era in the history of Northern Europe.

Kim Hjardar

Kim Hjardar

Kim Hjardar (1966) is a historian and associate professor majoring in Viking Age and Nordic medieval culture studies from the University of Oslo. He has extensive experience in bringing the Viking Age to life in books and events.

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