Arne Svingen and Eivind Gulliksen (ill.)
Agent Elvin Griff
Escape to the End of the World

Elvin Griff is on the run. He has escaped from a top-secret spy school and now people from the school are after him.

Using his smart moves, Elvin manages to get away from the agents. But he knows that they won’t give up the chase, and that he will have to travel far. From there Elvin goes to Endevik. He meets Lydia, who also has a secret she needs to hide from the grown-ups – her mother is in prison and she lives home alone.

Can Elvin and Lydia trust each other? And can they face a standoff with the school bullies, the mayor and the manager of the shopping centre – at the same time as slipping away from the agents who are hunting Elvin?

Action for kids.

VG Book Tip of the Week

A good thriller is a must for the holiday packing list. Escape to the End of the World is a good choice for younger readers.

Dag og Tid

Thrills from the very first page.

Library Corner, Finnmark Dagblad

Arne Svingen and Eivind Gulliksen (ill.)

Arne Svingen and Eivind Gulliksen (ill.)

Arne Svingen (b. 1967) is one of our foremost writers for children and young adults. He is deeply commit-ted to encouraging children and adolescents to read, and is a real wizard at using humour and suspense to captivate his readers.

Eivind Gulliksen (b. 1973) is an illustrator and was trained at Falmouth College of Arts in the UK.

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