Jan Chr. Næss and Jens Kristensen

A Place for Millennia

What did your hometown look like a hundred years ago? A thousand years ago? Ten thousand years ago? A hundred thousand years ago? The story of one place that could be anywhere. It could be where you live, too.

Each time we turn a page, we see the same place, seen from the same angle, but with hundreds or thousands of years in-between. We see how ice formed the landscape into a river valley. On the next spread a landslide has filled the valley, pro-viding the fertile soil for the first farmers. People gradually inhabit the area, building farms in the Bronze Age and establishing a trading post in the era of the Vikings. In the Middle Ages the trading post becomes a Hanseatic town, then a modern city with suburbs in our time.
It’s the same place, but almost unrecognisable.

Jan Chr. Næss and Jens Kristensen

Julie Pike

Jan Christopher Næss (b. 1964, England). He trained as a teacher of Norwegian. Næss also works as a transla-tor and has been an instructor, actor and playwright for the amateur theatre.

Jens Kristensen (b. 1975) works as an illustrator and visual artist in Oslo. He trained at the Norwegian National Academy of Craft and Art Industry.

Other titles

Selected titles:
Paradise Lost (2018)
Wild Animals in Town (2016)
In His Sleep He Resembled a Child (2014)
Facing the Moon (2010)
Revenge (2009)
It Starts with Sex and Ends with Death (2007)
The Pudding Man and the Three Sisters Whose Names All Began With B (2006)
Fiat (2004)

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