Ine Marie Wilmann
Sonja Henie

The story of the girl from Oslo who became an Olympic champion and a Hollywood star. Exciting reading for young and old.

Sonja Henie is a mini-biography for the 3–6 years age group. With exquisite illustrations and inspirational events, it tells
The book is written by Ine Marie Wilmann, who is currently in the lead role in the film about Sonja Henie.

For the youngest among us who don’t know who Sonja Henie is, the book provides a sweet, charming introduction to her life story.


An uplifting and credible portrayal of young vitality and the art of living.

Dag og Tid

Ine Marie Wilmann

Ine Marie Wilmann
Matthis Kleeb Solheim

Ine Marie Wilmann is an actor and debuts as an author with this book.

Ingebjørg F. Mæland is an experienced illustrator and animator who has always dreamed of illustrating children’s books. We thought it was time to make that dream come true!

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