Cecilie Løveid

Circulating Exhibitions

The poems are contemplations around encounters with art, tentatively proposing new saints within the field. Many poems are ekphrastic, as likely to comment on and/or recreate the artworks through text as they are to ask fundamental questions about art, text, or life. Here are poems on Munch and Obstefelder, Gerhard Richter and Andy Warhol, Tom Waits, Gunvor Hofmo, John Donne and Nelly Sachs. Løveid’s poetry is fabulating, her position chosen playfully, philosophically; here places of understanding, misunderstanding, or simply of standing.

Cecilie Løveid’s excellent poems about art, terror and politics becomes the highlight of her authorship.


Mindblowing, energetic prose poems that shakes the border between beauty and ugliness. I hope Cecilie Løveid wins the Brage Prize.

Bergens Tidene

Humorous and innvoative poetry on art and artists. [...] Cecilie Løveid at her best.


Cecilie Løveid

Helge Skodvin

Cecilie Løveid (born 1951) is one of Norway's most original, experimental and diverse authors. The broad span of her genre-bending works cover poetry, prose, novels, dramatic texts, opera libretti, children’s books and texts for art performances. Her work can be roughly divided into lyrical prose/novels in the 1970s, dramatic texts in the 1980s and 90s, and poetry from 2000 onwards, though a lyrical aspect is present throughout all of her work.
Løveid now lives in Bergen, where she teaches at the Hordaland Academy of Writing, alongside working on her own writing.

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