Øystein Runde
Stem Cells
The Heros of the Body

When Øystein Runde draws and explains stem cells, the factual material becomes easily accessible, playful and humorous. This means that children and young people (as well as adults!) can gain knowledge about a theme not many people know all that much about, but one that will be extremely important in the future.

Specialist consultant Cecilie Gjerde has achieved amazing results in her research into stem cells. She is able to get us to understand what stem cells are and give us a glimpse of experiments taking place and the results – and of what we can expect in the future.

We hear about Chinese researchers who recently made a new mouse out of skin from the cheek of another mouse, and an 80-year-old who has suffered a stroke and is able to walk again after having stem cells injected directly into the brain. Now researchers are working on brain-dead patients.

Øystein Runde

Øystein Runde
Alexander Qvale Gilje

Øystein Runde is a well-known Norwegian cartoonist and writer of several publiactions.

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