Rut Granli and Bård Sletvold Torkildsen (ill.)

Oddball Bob

It’s Halloween and Bob is going as a scary shark. The sound of Mum’s sewing machine hums through the house. The finished costume looks more like a dead seal. Bob is the oddball; everyone in the neighbourhood can see his costume is all wrong.

The first book in a warm and humorous series about Bob is about daring to be yourself. The language is chiselled-down and playful, and young people will identify with both the action and the cinematic illustrations.

Rut Granli and Bård Sletvold Torkildsen (ill.)


Rut Granli is educated as a teacher within arts and crafts, pedagogics and the Norwegian language. Oddball Bob is her third children’s book.
Bård Sletvold Torkildsen is an illustrator and designer. He has a Bachelor degree in Virtual Art and Design from the Inland Norway University.

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