Rut Granli and Bård Sletvold Torkildsen (ill.)
Oddball Bob

It’s Halloween and Bob is going as a scary shark. The sound of Mum’s sewing machine hums through the house. The finished costume looks more like a dead seal. Bob is the oddball; everyone in the neighbourhood can see his costume is all wrong.

The first book in a warm and humorous series about Bob is about daring to be yourself. The language is chiselled-down and playful, and young people will identify with both the action and the cinematic illustrations.

Rut Granli and Bård Sletvold Torkildsen (ill.)

Rut Granli and Bård Sletvold Torkildsen (ill.)

Rut Granli is educated as a teacher within arts and crafts, pedagogics and the Norwegian language. Oddball Bob is her third children’s book.
Bård Sletvold Torkildsen is an illustrator and designer. He has a Bachelor degree in Virtual Art and Design from the Inland Norway University.

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