Kenneth Ingebretsen

Cultivating in Small Spaces

Do you dream of harvesting crisp salads or picking fragrant spices from your own crops? You don't need a big garden to grow tasty berries and fruits, crisp vegetables or delicious herbs – a couple of pots and the clever use of space is all you need. Here, you'll learn how to make the most of what you have available and grow your favorite plants – from soil improvement and fertilizer to planting and monitoring. The authors give great tips about cultivating individual vegetables, herbs, edible flowers, fruits and berries, and useful information on varieties that are well suited to your conditions.

Food from your own harvest tastes extra good. Plant something you love to eat, is the authors' advice.

Kenneth Ingebretsen

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Kenneth Ingebretsen (b. 1977) is a gardener who works at the largest garden centre in Norway. He also edits the membership newsletter Blomstervenner for the Friends of Flowers Society.

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