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Everyone can bake

In Everyone can Bake, confectioner and blogger Elin Vatnar Nilsen shows you how to make all the classic nordic treats – from birthday cream cake to pavlova, chocolate cake, kringle and Kvæfjord cake. The book covers the nine basic recipes that any cake baker must know. Here, you'll learn about sponge, custard, form cakes, profiteroles, pastries, meringue, sweet yeast dough, nut base, cheesecakes and chocolate cakes.

Each basic recipe is assigned its own chapter, with thorough descriptions and step­by­step photos, in addition to several recipes that are based on the basic recipes and develop them further. Between the chapters you'll find fact pages with information that's useful no matter what you're baking – about eggs, sugar, yeast, flour, cream, butter, chocolate, leaveners and spices, as well as a decoration school of its own!

Everyone can Bake is unpretentious and simple enough for everyone to understand, but also sufficiently advanced and challenging for more seasoned pastry makers.

Elin Vatnar Nilsen

Elin Vatnar Nilsen

Elin Vatnar Nilsen is an educated confectioner and has operated the blog krem.no since 1999.

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