Marion Rindsem

Shawls, Scarves and Cowls

Here you will find patterns for 40 different small garments including cute cowls for children and beautiful shawls and scarves. Many of the projects are so small you could easily carry your knitting in your bag – you'll soon be finished with them and they are perfect for giving as gifts. Others are perfect for knitting in front of the TV, whereas others require more concentration.

The patterns are suitable for both beginners and more experienced knitters.

Marion Rindsem

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Marion Rindsem started with knit design in 2012 when she made her own SoMe hat. Lua quickly took off Twitter, and since 2013 she has run, where she sells her own knitting recipes and yarn packages. In addition, she holds courses in knitting socks and masking, and she keeps regular #Luetreff in Oslo. Luer is Mariom Rindsem's first knitting book.

Other titles

Hats (2017)

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