Øistein Borge
The Seventh Demon

When the Norwegian realty magnate Axel Krogh is found brutaly murdered in his home in the French
Riviera, investigator Bogart Bull is sent from Oslo to help with the investigation.

The motive for the murder is unclear. The walls of Kroghs mansion is covered with art worth millions, but the murderer has just stolen one picture. A small, seemingly insignificant painting, signed with the number seven.

Øistein Borge

Øistein Borge

Øistein Borge (b. 1958) has his background in film and advertising, where he has been working as a director, text writer and Creative Leader. In 2016 he made his crime debut with the first book about Bogart Bull - The seventh Demon. Both this book and the follow up What never dies was received warmly by the Norwegian critics, and he was nominated for the Mauritz Hansen Prize in 2017. Both of the books are sold to the great, German publisher Droemer-Knaur.

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What never dies (2017)

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