Knut Nærum
The mysterious Oberon Qvist

Oberon Qvist, known from Knut Nærum's critically acclaimed crime novels Boat of the Dead and Voodoo on the West Side, solves nine mysteries. In the tenth it seems he is the murderer. In classic fair-play tradition, all clues are put on the table so that the observant reader can find the explanation themselves.

Oberon Qvist is a long love letter to the golden age of classic crime.

Knut Nærum

Knut Nærum

Knut Nærum (b. 1961) has created eleven books of comic strips and fifteen books for children and adults. He is also the playwright behind the production Henrik Ibsen's Collected Works in 68 minuts.

Other titles

Mercy (2017)
High value Voodoo (2015)

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