Frode Grytten; Jo Straube
The Norwegian Library

Jo Straube (born 1983) has photographed small and large public libraries, portrayed users of the library and librarians, and documented the architecture and interior environments with love, humor and seriousness. Frode Grytten (born 1960), who has a lifelong love affair with the library, was both moved and impressed with what the pictures showed: «humor and seriousness, nature and culture, human and humanism, root and customs and elegance», and has written essayistic and fiction for the book.
Note: The book has French binding, that is, the pages have not been cut.

"One of the year's most important books is bright green and gets too little mention and attention (...) "THE NORWEGIAN LIBRARY" is a work of art (...) Jo Straubes pictures are low-key studies in brown nostalgia and a tender peek beyond the country's cultural budgets."

Frode Grytten; Jo Straube

Frode Grytten; Jo Straube
Javad M. Parsa

Frode Grytten (born 1960) grew up at Odda Public Library, Crime Department. Fired up with the books there, he debuted with a poetry collection 22 years old. He was named "the Jeremiah of our time" of Morgenbladet, and characterized as "definitely not a big thinker" in the Norwegian business daily. Nevertheless, he has the power to write a lot of books that are often being borrowed in the libraries across the country. Father to four kids.

Jo Straube (born 1983) has taken more photographs than most at his age. To make this book, he has also driven more miles than most. More specifically, 20,000 kilometres to visit 204 libraries. In five different cars. He has stolen more library books, but claims he has delivered them all back.

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Årets vakreste bok 2018
("The most beautiful book", Norway, 2018)
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