Øistein Kristiansen
Øisteins easter activities

Hours and hours of fun, drawing and creativity in this book
of abundant seasonal activities.

Øistein Kristiansen

Øistein Kristiansen (b. 1965) is an artist, cartoonist,
TV-presenter and global adventurer. Øistein's goal is to get
the whole world to draw, so everyone can unleash their own
creativity through drawing.
Øistein is best-known for his TV-shows, such as "Learn
to draw", "Box Yourself" and "Right On Top" - shown on
channels like Nick Jr Asia, Al Jazeera, NRK in Norway and
many more. These programmes have made him a household
name in over 70 countries.
Øistein Kristiansen has for many years, through his books and
TV shows entertained and inspired millions of children, young
and old with his unique creative eye and simple exercises.

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