Jan Grue
I Live a Life Like Yours

A masterpiece memoir about life in a vulnerable body.

I have a congenital muscular dystrophy. I use a wheelchair. I have a college education, a job. I’m a family man. On the surface, I’m well-off. What had to happen for me to reach this point?

I Live a Life That Is Like Your Own is about life in a vulnerable body. It is a story about work, about dreams and a longing to live like everyone else. It is a book about life, both common and uncommon.

"Into the unknown: we don’t know where we’re going. We are sailing in a leaky boat; we know that we’re dying animals. With dreams of Byzantium, we bail out as much water as we can, sailing onward, together. We are Argonauts, astronauts, adventurers, explorers. This is our journey."

A masterpiece of own life.
6 out of 6 stars

Stavanger Aftenblad

A literary masterpiece that is highly recommended!
6 out of 6 stars


Jan Grue’s portrayal of his life is better than most Norwegian autobiographical non-fiction. [...] The book will, in all likelihood, linger as a milestone signifying that a new maturity is reaching autobiographically based literature in Norwegian non-fiction, too.


What fascinates, moves and makes me think is the extraordinarily successful combination of the deeply personal and the universal. […]. If anyone asks about my favourites from the current rich variety of Norwegian non-fiction, this book will be up there with the best of them.

Vårt Land

It is an exploration of identity, of premises, boundaries and transgressions in which Grue opens up a broad horizon in language that is free and refined. The outcome is literature of relevance and greatness.


Reality literature has almost become synonymous with washing one’s dirty laundry in public. That’s not how it is in this flawless autobiography, which has instantly assumed a place high up in the Norwegian autobiographical canon.

Morgenbladet (Books of the Year)

Great language, enormous skill and a great deal of reflection. This is Grue’s story, but it’s also a tale of what it is to be human. [...] A powerful and important book!

Romerikes Blad

So sympathetic, so successful, so precise, with such a light literary touch.
6 out of 6 stars


Jan Grue

Jan Grue
Anne Valeur

Jan Grue is the author of a wide-ranging body of work in fiction, non- fiction, and children’s literature. He made his debut with the short story collection Everything Under Control (2010).

He has since published a further four short story collections, the latest of which is Vexations (2019). His first novel, The Best of All Possible Worlds, came out in 2016. Among Grue’s works for children is Oliver (2012), a fantastical story about living wheelchairs. He has also written several academic books.

His book of autobiographical non-fiction, I Live a Life Like Yours, was published in 2018 and went on to win the Literary Critics’ Award and has been nominated to the Nordic Council’s Literature Prize – as the first Norwegian non-fiction book in 50 years.

Jan Grue was born in 1981 in Oslo. He holds a PhD in Linguistics and is Professor of Qualitative Research at the University of Oslo.

Rights sold to

Sweden, Weyler forlag
USA, Farrar, Straus & Giroux
UK, Pushkin Press
Netherlands, Uitgeverij Oevers

Other titles

2019 Vexations. Short stories.
2018 I Live a Life Like Yours. Autobiography
2016 The Best of All Possible Worlds. Novel
2015 Normalia. Short stories
2013 Body Language. Academic textbook (Gyldendal Akademisk) 2013 It Might Have Been Different. Collected short stories
2012 Mind and Body. Short stories
2012 Oliver. Children’s book
2011 Indefinite Time. Short stories
2010 Everything Under Control. Short stories

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Winner of the Literary Critics' Prize 2018
Nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Prize 2019

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