Arne Svingen and Torstein Nordstrand (ill.)
The Zombie Next Door
Svingen's Dark World

Normally it is a sad occasion when someone dies. But when the world’s meanest neighbour dies, everyone breathes a sigh of relief. But then, strangely, the corpse is dug up the night after the funeral. The next day, Felix and Sara decide to see what it was like inside their sourpuss neighbour’s home. But what’s that weird smell? And what are those sounds behind the cellar door?

Arne Svingen and Torstein Nordstrand (ill.)

Arne Svingen and Torstein Nordstrand (ill.)

Arne Svingen is one of Norway’s most popular authors. His books have received several awards and been translated into fourteen languages.

Torstein Nordstrand is an illustrator and visual designer. In the US, his illustrations have been featured in gaming for many years, and he helped design the visual concept of Funcom’s prize-winning Age of Conan.

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This is the 19th book in the series.

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