Ingelin Røssland and Jenny Jordahl (ill.)
Hairy Facts

Hair is perhaps the strangest, yet finest thing we have on our bodies. Think of all the time we spend styling it, touching it up. We use our hair styles to say something about who we are or want to be. In this book, you can read about—and see funny
illustrations of—where on the body hair does and doesn’t grow, what colour is the most common, and how hair changes during puberty.
You may have heard the legends about Harold Fairhair, but did you know the Vikings bleached their hair with strong soap, or that hair has been used to make jewellery and clothes? The book also shows hairdos, like hippie ‘dos and mullets, which you may (or may not) want to emulate.

Ingelin Røssland and Jenny Jordahl (ill.)

Ingelin Røssland and Jenny Jordahl (ill.)

Ingelin Røssland (b. 1976) is an author and journalist. She
has written several young adult novels, including Angel
and Bombegranate.
Jenny Jordahl has previously illustrated several nonfiction
titles for children and regularly contributes to Aftenposten
Junior with her column “Green Scene”.

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