Anneli Klepp and Sandra Steffensen (ill.)
Nitwit Ghosts

Lina doesn’t believe in ghosts. Nor is she in the
least afraid to meet Mons and Gilbert in the graveyard.
But why did Sara have to say she couldn’t
come?! Lina has to go to the graveyard all by herself.
It’s so terribly dark, apart from a few flickering
lights. And where are the boys? Suddenly she
hears a scream...Anneli Klepp has written a warm,
humorous book about situations everyone can recognise.
This is the sixth book she has written starring

Anneli Klepp and Sandra Steffensen (ill.)

Anneli Klepp and Sandra Steffensen (ill.)

Anneli Klepp is a teacher and has written many books
for children and young adults. Her homepage is

Sandra Steffensen (b. 1987) received her art degrees from
the Norwegian School of Creative Studies in Trondheim
and the University of Hertfordshire

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