Marius Molaug and Kristoffer Kjølberg (ill.)
The World’s Worst Football Team

A new, uproarious book in the popular World’s Worst series with Kent and Ruben in the starring roles. This time, the annual school football tournament is just around the corner. Who wants to bet on whether the headmaster has a certain competitive streak? Or whether he thinks girls have any place at all on the football pitch? Or whether he might be a teeeensy bit in love with the headmaster of the opposing school? OR—whether Ruben and Kent have a plan up their sleeve that will in go awry in every way imaginable? The first book about Ruben, the world’s worst headmaster, was a huge success.

The series now has a devoted fan base that has had a say in the title, topic and cover on social media. With plenty of great pictures to go with the story and a boatload of humour, the World’s Worst books show us a life where almost nothing goes as planned. A hilarious and entertaining reading experience for children and grown-ups alike.

Marius Molaug and Kristoffer Kjølberg (ill.)

Marius Molaug and Kristoffer Kjølberg (ill.)

Marius Molaug works as editor of the Norwegian edition of Donald Duck. He is a member of the creative community Dongery.
Kristoffer Kjølberg is a prize-winning illustrator and graphic designer. He is a member of the creative community Dongery.

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