Mariangela Di Fiore
Il Bondio

How far are you willing to go for the girl you love? The 16-year-old Andreas moves to Italy and falls in love with the Neapolitan girl Elisa. Through her he is introduced to a world he has never seen the likes of. But all of this comes at a high price. Before he knows it, he is drawn into the underworld of Naples, where the Camorra hold sway. Soon his life is governed by the mafia, where money, status and honour are a part of everyday life. Not to mention intimidation, firearms and murder. Andreas ends up in a tug-of-war between his own culture and morals on the one side and his unshakable loyalty to Elisa and her family on the other. Because once you’ve joined the mafia, there’s no backing out. Not without a heavy price.

Mariangela Di Fiore

Mariangela Di Fiore

She is most famous for her non-fiction book, Camorraland (2010), which documents her encounters with the Neapolitan mafia organization Camorra. She received her degree in literature and screenwriting from UCLA. She is half-Norwegian and half-Italian, and lives in Nesodden, Norway.

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