Jan Arhaug

Salmon fishing in Norway

This book is probably the most complete book on salmon fishing ever published, anywhere. Arhaug provides much more than just facts and tips. He invites the reader on a personal journey, visiting Norwegian rivers in fantastic landscapes, meeting the men and women enjoying the art of fishing.

The salmon neither eats nor hunt for food when it is in the river. Nevertheless, it sometimes bites on a fly, spinner, worm or spoon. The salmon is a mystery. The more we study it, the more fascinating it becomes. The author tries to find out why some fishermen rarely get salmon, while others apparently have far more luck.

What temperature must the river have before the salmon swims up from the sea? How fast does it swim? How does water temperature affect salmon's behavior? Which tools and colors work best under different conditions? Why and how does the salmon bite? This and many other things are answered in this book.

This book got top score in every Norwegian book review. With beautiful pictures and all the practical knowledge, this book will make everyone go fishing in Norway. For persons interested in learning more about salmon fishing it is essential to read.

Jan Arhaug


Jan Arhaug was born in Aalesund, Norway, in 1968. His grandfather owned a fish store. His father took him on fishing trips from he could walk. Jan grew up fishing in the sea, in lakes and rivers. The author ended up as a lawyer admitted to the Supreme Court. He retained the interest in fishing. Especially love for the art of salmon fishing.

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