Ina Strøm
All this is Tokyo
Japan seen from the street level

"To me, Tokyo is still mysterious and new. And there's still no other place I'd rather be,” writes journalist Ina Strøm in this fully-illustrated book. Since her first visit to Tokyo ten years ago, Strøm has spent “over ten thousand hours” exploring this metropolis. Her book, All this is Tokyo, is divided into 12 chapters based on each district. And as a reader, you'll be surprised at how different these districts are – in architecture, tempo, demographics, history, green spaces. Within each chapter, Ina has – quite elegantly, and with delightful humour – succeeded in knitting together masses of fascinating knowledge – about Japanese culture, history, religion, business life, work ethics, sci-fi-technology, personal hygiene, the sex industry, fashion, design, youth culture and much, much more. Ina Strøm is constantly present in her words. She walks around the city, meeting people, experiencing things, and engaging in her surroundings in a way that is both infectious and inspiring. Tokyo will host the summer Olympics in 2020. The city has, for many years, been one of Norway's hottest long-distance destinations. Interest in Japanese lifestyle and culture is growing rapidly, among both young and old, and this book's combination of text and images will appeal to several age groups.

Ina Strøm

Ina Strøm
Photo: Helge Lien

Ina Strøm is a journalist. Since her first visit to Tokyo ten years ago, she has spent "over ten thousand hours" in this metropol. All this is Tokyo is her first book.

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